35 Tamaki Dr, Mission Bay, Auckland 1071
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jack burgess

Awesome tasty food, love it 👍

google | Oct 11, 2019

Yoko Sakimura

yummy dinner😋

facebook | Sept 27, 2019

Yoko Sakimura

yummy dinner😋

facebook | Sept 27, 2019

Rex Graphics

Very delicious! Friendly service and atmosphere. We tried their special menu and loved them all.

google | Sept 15, 2019


Followed them here from Mercury Plaza. The food is still delicious and the staff are lovely. The prices increased a lot, but it's understandable as they are in a proper restaurant in Mission Bay, rather than a food court off K Rd.

zomato | Sept 7, 2019

Praneal Badal

The food here is gorgeous. I usually go here for the Tom Yum and have another entree. The fried chicken is delicious, crispy yet moist. The pork ribs are served with a chilli sauce concoction with a hint of sour. So lovingly delicious.During winter nothing beats a great Tom Yum but don't hold back on their offerings. Green and Red Curry with vegetarian options are highly recommend by the wife. FYI i did sample them. The vegetarian daughter gobbled up the ribbon rice noodles with Tofu n Veg, no egg. The food here is made with love, this is reflected in the people that own this place and run it. It is a labor of love.

zomato | Sept 1, 2019

John Kim

Awesome food. Awesome value.

google | August 18, 2019

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